How to take pictures of Ta Xua

This is the itinerary created specially for those who want to depart from Hanoi. You should notice it if you live near Bac Yen. My advice is you should gather at Hanoi National University or University of Theater and Cinema.
Day 1: Hanoi – Son Tay – Trung Ha bridge – Thu Cuc – Thu Cuc 3-way crossroad – turn left to Phu Yen – Bac Yen. Stay Bac Yen at night.

It means that you have to travel across a distance of 210 km. There are many hotels and motels in Bac Yen. Dong Tam hotel, which cost 200.000-250.000 VND per room, is the biggest hotel in Bac Yen, and also the best hotel. The room can have 2 beds, or 3 beds or 4 beds.

You can sleep in the tent or the sleeping bag in Ta Xua to see the starsky. Watch sun rising is also a pleasure thing to do in Ta Xua. It is 15km to drive from Bac Yen to the center of Ta Xua.


Day 2: Bac Yen – Ta Xua – Bac Yen – Hanoi

The total distance that you will travel this day is 240km. You should travel before 5 am. The time from 5 am to 5.15 am is the best time to start the tour to capture cloud’s photo in Ta Xua. You have to deal with a lot of slopes and potholes along this 15-km route. You should drive slower if fog prevents you sight.

If it is too foggy in Ta Xua, you can move to Xin Vang. It is higher than Ta Xua, so it is easier to catch clouds. At the 3-way crossroad in the center of Ta Xua, if you turn left, you go to Xim Vang, if you turn right, you go to Hang Dong. The top of slopes is about 1,5 km from this 3-way crossroad. It is very clear and vast here. Withou any barriers, you can see Mai Son, as well as Ta Xua, Hang Dong full of clouds. Ta Xua, Hang Dong is in the East – where the sun arises. (I mark this place with number 02)

how to take picture of Ta Xua's cloud

how to take picture of Ta Xua’s cloud

Take pictures without any inhibition because the clouds even exist at 10 or 11 o’clock. It is because Ta Xua is surrounded by many mountains, so wind almost can not blow clouds. When it is very sunny, the temperature is high, they starts to evaporate. This makes Ta Xua more special than Y Ty, Sin Ho, Ka Lang, Sapa where you have catch moments as quickly as you can.

At about 10, 11 o’clock, you can start to move down to Bac Yen to have a lunch before returning Hanoi. In Bac Yen, many people know the Pho Nui restaurant of Long An who often support our voluntary program in Hang Dong. They are very enthusiastic. The dishes are not only cheap but also delicious. The restaurant is on the right side of you drive from Ta Xua. Long An has a karaoke, but I have not come in.

This is really an easy and reasonable route for a trip of one day and one night. It is sloping only for 15km from Bac Yen to Ta Xua. The rest is very easy to drive.

You may also can back to Moc Chau in the direction of Pha Van Yen. From Bac Yen, you drive along the Route 37, and turn right to Pha Van Yen at Gia Phu 3-way crossroad. Passing Pha Van Yen, you continue to pass Da river, and drive 57 km more to get to Moc Chau. You can choose to come Moc Chau first, get to Bac Yen, Ta Xua, and back to Hanoi.

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