The reason why I like Vietnam package travel

There are many interesting tours to Asia, such as Myanmar tour packageCambodia Vietnam tours and Thailand Vietnam Cambodia tour, however I still like Vietnam tour the most. Below are the reason why.

1. Street food
Lots of online newspapers have complimented this S-shaped country on having appetizing culinary.It does not need complex cooking method to create a delicious food, in the contrary the method to cook street food is amazingly effortless. Generally it will take 1 to 2 minutes to make a great dish.It is certainly not difficult to find a food store; truly speaking one can find them at anyplace you go.After having been on my Vietnam packge tours, I think the experience of eating food in the streets to be the best memory of mine.Savouring Vietnamses cuisine on plastic stools in the lanes of Vietnam is the most interesting option to know much more about everyday life in Vietnam.

Vietnam tour packages are enticing with exotic sceneries

2. Cross the road
Getting across the highway in Vietnam is not as easy like American places.In Vietnam, motorbike is considered the most widely used means of transport, moreover the stream of those motor bikes appears to be impossible to anticipate.To pass the street, the most awesome suggestion is simply to walk calmly and not to rush through traffict.You can also ask local people to assist you; they are in fact friendly and don’t mind helping.I like the mood when I have completely get to the opposite side of the highway. It feels like I have received victory in some challenging game!

3. Coffee
This S-shaped country is the number two biggest manufacturer of coffee in this world.That’s the key reason why it truly is a great loss when you go to Vietnam without tasting the taste of “original coffee”.Coffee here is often mixed with sweeten condense milk, which contributes to a brilliant flavour.It is Trung Nguyen corporation that supplies the most brilliant coffee drink in Vietnam.Having some coffee in the store of Vietnam makes me feel delighted and even at ease.

4. Halong bay
One of the major favourite attractions for sightseers in Vietnam is Halong bay.Halong is really so standing-out and also well-preserved that it is identified to be considered one of a herritage site around the world.The attractiveness of Halong bay is irresistable and worthy taking a look at.Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with a lot of huge limestone islands, that is topped by rain forests in the peak, and clean water with color as green as emerald.You would be astonished by the wide range of shapes of those limestone karsts and isles.Travelling to Halong bay is better taken on normal day because it is jampacked on vacations.

5. City parks
The local park in Vietnam is exciting with lots of people and a massive amount of fun activities.One among the practices of Vietnamese is doing workouts and practicing dancing all together in the local park. It is very entertaining anyway.You may as well see people jogging and also running in the local park.Collective action is a fantastic characteristic in Vietnam’s tradition.Feel free to join those activities if you want, Vietnamese always encouraged you.

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